Barbed Wire Manufacturers

Barbed wire manufacturers

In this section of our website we have collected the most famous domestic companies that sell barbed wire in Ukraine and other countries in the region. Having obtained basic knowledge from the information sections of the site: barbed wire, its functional purpose, diversity and effectiveness, you will be ready to make an informed choice. The list of companies presented in this section was formed on the simple principle of product quality and the authority of manufacturers. If you want to buy barbed wire to create a protective barrier at a sensitive facility, to strengthen the security of the perimeter of the enterprise, we will be happy to help you do this.

"Production Group "Cayman" LLC

Manufacturer of certified engineering systems and perimeter security products made of barbed wire and razor wire, modern barbed wire: Concertina, Egoza, Egoza-Caiman, Egoza-Super. Professional installation of Egoza razor wire.

Ukraine, Kyiv

tel. +380 44 568-22-22

"Perimeter Security Agency "Alligator" LLC

Manufacturer of modern Egoza barbed wire, supplier of metal fences and barriers, video surveillance systems, alarms and access control. Installation of barbed wire and installation of security systems.

Ukarine, Bila Tserkva

тел. +380 63 330-48-48

“Egoza” Barbed Wire Factory” LLC

The largest European manufacturer of razor wire, concertina wire barriers, razor mesh, flat security barriers and other types of protective barriers under the international Egoza brand.

Poland, Lublin

тел. +48 51 647-74-64