Frequently asked questions about barbed wire

Frequently asked questions about barbed wire

What is the Difference Between Barbed Wire and razor Wire?

Barbed wire is a type of fencing in the form of a wire with sharp spikes placed on it. Used for the construction of inexpensive fences at the beginning of the last century.

Razor wire is made of galvanized steel 0.45-0.7 mm thick by stamping. However, in this form, using it as a barrier is not advisable; it was necessary to improve its physical properties - to reinforce it.

Reinforce – increase the strength of a structure or material by introducing wire. This was achieved by wrapping barbed tape around the wire that carried the main load. In this form, the product could successfully replace outdated barbed wire, and thanks to the large number of sharp cutting blades, gain an undeniable advantage in the efficiency of performing the tasks assigned to it.

By what Principle is the Quality of Egoza Razor Wire Determined?

Razor wire, it would seem, what could be simpler? But this is not quite what it seems at first glance. Naturally, choosing Egoza razor wire is much easier than, for example, building a spaceship, but we can say with confidence that you still need to have some knowledge and understanding.

The quality of Egoza razor wire consists of three criteria:

  • first – efficiency and reliability,
  • the second is the service life of barbed wire,
  • third – aesthetic appearance.

In order for barriers made from the Egoza razor wire to serve you effectively and for the longest possible period of time and to look aesthetically pleasing, it is important what materials and in what way the razor tape is made, what its thickness is, it is important what kind of wire and what diameter is used in the production of reinforced razor tape Egoza. For the quality of finished Egoza concertinas, both the number of staples installed at equidistant points on each pair of turns and the type of staple connecting the turns of the Egoza spiral are important.

If you want to buy Egoza or Concertina wire and need advice on effective protection specifically for any object, you can contact a specialist using contact information.