Use of Barbed Wire

Use of barbed wire

When a simple thought arises in your mind - I’ll buy barbed wire, you probably already know where and how this purchase will be used. To make the choice of barbed wire easier, saving you from unnecessary torment when purchasing, we decided to look at the main ways to use barbed wire.

Barbed wire in the army and at sensitive facilities

The price of freedom, like the price of the security of the Motherland, sometimes depends not only on the human factor, level of training, weapons, but also on the quality of defensive structures, fences separating dangerous criminals and invaders from civil society. In military affairs, a spiral-shaped spine is most often used, called the Bruno spiral. This design allows the use of barbed wire both to protect trenches, strengthen anti-tank hedgehogs, individual areas, and to protect military facilities, structures, and ammunition depots.

The use of barbed wire in factories, factories, and civil aviation facilities

Barbed wire is great for creating barriers of any height. It is used both directly on the ground and on the roofs of buildings, on fences in the form of canopies. All airports in the world are surrounded by high fences topped with spiraling barbed wire. Airports and penitentiary institutions are among special security facilities with an enhanced security system, so the use of barbed wire here is more than justified. Protection against terrorist attacks, seizure of airports, protection of the perimeter of nuclear power plants - all this serves as a reason to strengthen security measures. In case of war, civilian airports are used for military purposes. The presence of barbed wire on the fences greatly simplifies the task of the military in establishing defensive lines.

Spiral barriers are also effective in protecting business areas from criminal attacks. Dangerous objects and warehouses are necessarily protected with barbed wire. Any company or small firm can buy such protection, so barbed wire plays a vital role in ensuring security.

Use of barbed wire to protect private areas

A home, the territory of a private company, or any other object of material interest can easily be surrounded with barbed wire. By combining its use with video surveillance and alarm systems, the highest level of protection can be achieved. To enhance the defensive effect, a voltage is applied to the barbed wire that is not life-threatening, but can influence the selfish intentions of attackers. Recently, electric shock systems have been used in combination with barbed wire to protect the perimeter.

Barbed wire on ships

The use of barbed wire on moving objects and, in particular, ships became possible to a greater extent thanks to the invention of the flexible engineering security system Anti-Pirate, with the help of which deployment and retraction of the fence became a matter of just a few minutes.

Before you buy barbed wire, decide on its specific purpose. Choose the highest quality design solutions that well-known manufacturers can offer you.