Barbed Wire Installing Methods

Methods for installing barbed wire

Barbed Wire Installation

It’s not enough just to choose the right barbed wire; you also need to understand the intricacies of its installation. The duration of operation of the barbed wire and the effectiveness of the use of the protective structure itself depend on how well the installation is carried out. Over the years of using barbed wire and tape, three main directions have emerged in which the use of these products is most optimal: installation on the roof of a building or fence, on the ground and the construction of a full-fledged barbed wire fence. Let's consider each of the directions separately.

Installation of barbed wire around buildings

The installation mechanism itself depends on what level of protection needs to be installed. At the minimum level of protection, the so-called flat barrier is installed on metal vertical brackets. The medium level of protection involves installing a spiral barrier (high density of turns) on L-shaped brackets. As a type of spiral barrier, installation on U-shaped brackets should also be highlighted. A high level of protection is achieved through the use of a two-tier or three-tier spiral barrier mounted on X and U-shaped brackets.

Installation of barbed wire on the ground

In this case, the barbed wire must have reliable support, allowing not only to maintain the shape of the perimeter itself, but also guaranteeing the maintenance of high performance qualities of the barrier in all weather conditions. For this, the X and U-shaped brackets indicated above are used, with different combinations of which you can install one-, two-, three-tier barriers. The most effective solution for constructing a safety barrier on the ground will undoubtedly be the use of a large diameter spiral or pyramidal barrier.

Installation of a barbed wire fence

When talking about installing a fence, first of all, you should remember that there are two different types of support elements that can be used to achieve a particular level of protection. Thus, metal pillars and X, Y and U-shaped brackets are used as supports. By adjusting the height and number of tiers on the bracket, you can increase or decrease the degree of protection of the barbed wire fence.