Interesting Dates and Events in the History of Barbed Wire

Dates and events in the history of barbed wire

More than a hundred years have passed since an inventive farmer from Illinois came up with a new use for wire and barbed wire was born. Today literally everyone knows about barbed wire; it has been and is a silent witness to human victories and defeats, takes part in wars, protects peace and order. In this article I would like to consider all the important events and dates that were turning points in the evolution of barbed wire.

  1. In 1873, farmer Henry Rose invents and patents a wire fence with a spiked fence, vaguely reminiscent of modern barbed wire.
  2. In 1874, Glidden, inspired by Rose's idea, refined his invention, introducing the world to effective barbed wire with fixed spikes.
  3. In 1874, the world's first company, managed by Glidden and Ellwood, I.L. Ellwood Manufacturing Company begins commercial distribution of barbed wire.
  4. The first use of barbed wire against people was recorded in 1892 in the United States to contain striking miners in Idaho. The entire city with 1,200 miners was surrounded by barbed wire, thereby forming the world's first concentration camp. All the miners died without being able to leave its borders.
  5. The First World War is the most important period in the structural evolution of barbed wire, because it was at this time that barbed tape, the concept of reinforcing the tape with wire, appeared. The German military begins using reinforced barbed wire to create protective barriers called Bruno spirals.
  6. In the 70s of the twentieth century, rolling of barbed wire began to be used in the USA to prevent the barbed tape layer from curling from the core.
  7. At the beginning of the third millennium, the Egoza trademark was registered in the CIS countries, under which the leading CIS manufacturers occupy a significant part of the sales market in the territory of the former USSR.
  8. In the period from 2007 to 2010, Yu.V. Tkachenko developed and patented razor wire made of composite materials, which significantly reduces the cost of its production.

Today we can say that the evolution of barbed wire design has reached its apogee, however, it is possible that in the near future the world will witness new inventions related to barbed wire.