Cobra Type Fencing Installation

Installation of Cobra type fencing

Among all types of protective fencing made using reinforced razor tape, Cobra fencing has the highest deterrent performance. The installation of such a barrier should be carried out only by specialists, due to the complexity and the need for strict compliance with all technical conditions. In this article we will take a detailed look at Cobra-type fencing: installation, fencing components and other features.

The frame of the Cobra security fence consists of several strips of Egoza Super razor wire. The wire is stretched between the spikes of the so-called protective elements. At the same time, the spikes of the protective elements are located outside the barrier, revealing the aggressive nature of the barrier. The cobra is mounted so that the turns of the Egoza razor wire are also wound over the frame. Thanks to this, the density of the protective layer increases significantly, dividing the space into small cells that prevent a person from overcoming the barrier. At the intersection of the frame and the coils, the barrier is fastened with staples, which increases the overall rigidity and protective properties of the structure.

Speaking about the installation of the Cobra fence, it is worth mentioning one important feature that fundamentally distinguishes this barrier from its closest analogues. The point is that the barrier is mounted on drains with bearings, which ensures rotation of the entire barrier when trying to overcome it. In this case, the rotation can be free or forced, realized by connecting an electric motor. Even such a trick as throwing thick fabric over the fence does not work in this case, and the attacker has to retreat.