About the Quality and Effectiveness of Barbed Wire

About the quality and effectiveness of barbed wire

Unfortunately, in the barbed wire market, as well as in the metal market in general, not all manufacturers comply with the regulatory requirements of GOST or Technical Conditions. It is not uncommon for Gosstandartmetrology to lack test certificates for products. Because of such unscrupulous companies, the reputation of well-known companies offering high-quality products, such as Egoza and Concertina barbed wire, suffers.

Speaking about the quality and effectiveness of barbed wire, several important criteria should be considered: materials that comply with GOST, specifications from which the products are made; presence/absence of galvanized coating; level of elasticity, resistance to deformation. The service life of barbed wire depends on several factors. The presence of a galvanized coating eliminates problems with corrosion, but a more important criterion for the quality of spirals made of reinforced razor tape is the elasticity of the product. Thus, the barbed wire gurza.ua should not be crushed when trying to overcome the protective barrier. The wire base is responsible for maintaining shape and rigidity. The most suitable material for creating crush-resistant barbed wire is high-carbon wire with galvanized coating, the production of which is regulated by GOST 9850-72, GOST 7372-79 or GOST 9389 (grade 65g).

There is also a direct relationship between the thickness of the wire and its elasticity. Even a slight increase in the diameter of the steel core gives a very noticeable increase in strength. Say, a wire with a diameter of 2.8 mm will be more effective than a product with a core thickness of 2.5 mm. In spirals with a diameter of over one and a half meters, it is recommended to use wire with a diameter of 4 mm. The dependence of quality on thickness also applies to razor tape.

If you are purchasing a spiral barbed wire fence, you should pay attention to the number of staples connecting adjacent pairs of spiral turns. The more staples, the more rigid the structure, the higher the protective properties of the barrier and the service life.

To summarize all of the above, we can say that now you have an idea of what high-quality barbed wire should be like. It would be a good idea to ask the seller about the warranty period of the product, which should not be less than 15 years for products with galvanized coating, 30 years for products made of high-carbon wire crimped with stainless razor tape, and at least 50 years for products made entirely of alloy steel.